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Thirteen VBCI of Nexter, a successful year with NNUU

Thirteen VBCI armored infantry fighting vehicles of the French Army have been deployed in Lebanon since September 2010. A year after their arrival, initial conclusions are very positive.

Under the colors of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), the VBCI undertakes surveillance of the demarcation line between Israel and Lebanon, the protection of French military outposts, and the establishment of patrols in the French area of responsibility.

Better perceived by the public that the AMX 10P it replaces, the VBCI is also more efficient. Its 8-wheel drive allows the Force Commander Reserve (FCR) to intervene throughout southern Lebanon, on rough terrain as well as on roads, without degrading highways, and with relatively low noise.

With its armor protection, capable of withstanding medium-caliber rounds as well as shrapnel, the VBCI also offers better protection for the crew against mines and improvised explosive devices.

The VBCI has also been deployed since June 2010 in Afghanistan. In Lebanon, it has demonstrated its ability to adapt to very different theaters of operation.

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